Swami  Satchidananda, India & USA
Integral Yoga,  Lotus Interfaith Temple
Hinduism - Yoga

Right. Reverend. Dean  Parks Morton,
Cathedrel of St. John the Divine,  NYC
Christian - Episcopalian,
Hinduism & Christianity

Embrace Foundation is a non-profit,  
educational foundation set up to create  
better understanding between people of  
different religions, cultures, traditions and  
world philosophies.

Embrace Foundation works to bring  
leaders and scholars of world-wide  
religions, cultures and philosophies  
together by sponsoring forums, seminars,  
lectures and developing an international  
exchange program. Embrace Foundation  
is particularly concerned with reaching the  
world public through the media.
Embrace Foundation is an all volunteer  
organization. All donations go directly to  
programs.Embrace Foundation does not  
and has never given permission to any  
outside organization to solicit or receive  
contributions on our behalf.

All donations should be made to  
Embrace Foundation only via Paypal or  
by mail. All donations are tax deductible.
Thank you for making a donation.
Travel As An Interfaith Act
Embrace encourages all who can do so, to  
learn about other traditions and cultures by  
traveling as “Grassroots Diplomats.” We  
hope that people every where become life  
long students of our world-wide humanity.

“ In every man there is something wherein I  
may learn of him, and in that I am his pupil.”

Embrace Humanity

You have arrived at the Embrace Foundation Archives, which hold many photographs of our  
directors, community directors, religious leaders, spiritual leaders, scholars and volunteers over the  
years. Please feel free to download photographs of people close to your heart. Editing and going  
through our files of these photographs brought us much laughter and joy. We hope they will do the  
same for you. We have also included brief outlines of some programs and the speakers at the  
programs. To access them, you will need to click on them from the sub-menu. Captions are not  
found on the small index pictures but can be read when you click on a photograph to enlarge it.

Unfortunately, all of our photographs and negatives have not survived the years of storage, but  
many have. We also did not document all events. However, in some cases we audio taped them  
instead, so we hope to be able to air both our many, many audio tapes of classes, lectures and also  
our Great Visions shows through a website dedicated for audio and DVD streaming. This will take  
some time, so please be patient.
Embrace Foundation Archives
Great Visions Television Shows
Great Visions - TV