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Speakers & Topics

Baha’i - Melinda Ojermark - Baha’i U.N. Assembly

Buddhist- Mrs Jayatilika - Sri Lanka Buddhist Vihara (Theravada)

Buddhist - Janis Nichtern - Dharmadhatu - Tibetan (Vijrayana)

Christian - Reverend Beatrice Blair - St. Marks Church (Epicopalian)

Christian - Reverend Kathleen LaCamera - United Methodist

Hindu - Dr. Cala Iyenger - Brahma Kumaris

Hindu - Sister Gayatri - Brahma Kumaris

Hindu - Depa Awal - Satya Sai Baba Bhajan Center

Islam - Ruxana Nasser, Attorney - Pres. Women’s Auxiliary - Bait Ul Zafar Mosque

Jain - Dr. Jyoti Ghandi - Director - Jain Temple

Judaism - Rabbi Linda Goodman - Temple Emmanu-El - (Reform)

Native (First) American - Lorraine Canoe - Algonquin Nation, Mohawk Tribe, Wolf Clan

Sikh - Maha Ananda Khalsa - Sikh Dharma

Sufi - Siraj Lewit - Chistiyya - Spirit of Guidance Center

Taoist - Rosemary Birardi - Taoist Institute of New York

Humanitarian Causes - Can women from different religions and spiritual traditions collaborate on humanitarian causes? (Such as  
homelessness, Hunger etc.)

Women’s Position in Religion - Should women be content with their place or strive for more responsibility within organized religion?

Language of the Divine & Symbology - How has “He” - “She” language describing the Ultimate, defined women’s role in religion? Has the  
concept of a female god in some Eastern and Native First American traditions helped promote women in religious leadership roles?

Women’s Influence in Religions Historically - Historically how have women influenced religious history? Who are some of the women saints  
and leaders of Eastern & Western traditions?

Devotion & Rationalism - How has the division in the West between devotion (female) and rationalism (male) affected women’s role in  
religion? In the Eastern religions such a division is not really common, (except perhaps in Chinese philosophy) men can be both devotional and  
rational. Has this affected how Eastern men perceive the spiritual nature of women? Is there anything Western women can learn from Eastern  
women with regard to this?

Family Obligations vs Spiritual Pursuits - How can women find time to devote to seeking the Divine with obligations of marriage, children and  

Problem Solving Through Religious Organizations - Can religious organizations help take the burden off their working mothers with child  
care and other services? What about a co-oping? The elderly. . .?

Women Counseling Women - Can religious or spiritual organizations offer women’s counseling services for special problems; abuse of wife or  
children, alcohol or drug problems, dangerous neighborhoods?